We Create Beauty for your Creations

At VERGARA CREATIONS evolution is part of our philosophy. And since 1998, when we started in the fashion industry, we were sure that it is not only important to be specialists in providing creative solutions in the manufacturing and design of footwear and leather goods. Working with international fashion brands and firms requires constant improvement in services, proposals and quality, to maintain the high demands that exist in this highly competitive sector.

Currently, at VERGARA CREATION, we have not only renovated and improved our facilities, we have also done so in the services we offer to our clients, incorporating digital tools that improve creative performance, bringing a constant update of our creations through our digital catalog and new products to designers and manufacturers.

Likewise, we have expanded our products to new creative proposals. Industries such as window dressing and interior design, clothing design, accessories, furniture, etc. These are some of the new areas in which VERGARA CREATIONS offers new possibilities that you can now also find on our website, with our own examples developed by our team.

At VERGARA CREATIONS, we encourage you to explore the possibilities we offer you. You just have to request access to the private catalog. And if you want more personalized attention, send us an email or call us at our offices.

We will be happy to offer you new CREATIONS for your designs and products.

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