An artisan process in leather goods

Polishing or burnishing is the artisan finishing process in leather goods and saddlery, where the edges of the leather are polished and dyed in a product, leaving its finishes with an exceptional appearance.

This polishing process is currently applied to many fashion designs made of leather within the luxury sector, and is appreciated for how it gives a quality appearance to the product and for increasing its durability. We can see it, for example, in: Bags, belts, shoes, leather straps, wallets, suitcases, bracelets, etc.

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Creation and process of “Lujado” by hand.
Kiln dried “Lujado”.
Bracelets with “Lujado” in color.
Necklace with “Lujado” in color.
Necklace with “Lujado”.
Necklace with “Lujado” in color.
Bag with “Lujado”.

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