Beauty is in your hands

Located in a privileged area for the production of shoes, leather goods and accessories, Elda, together with towns such as Petrer, Villena, Almansa, Elche, have earned international prestige for the quality of their manufacturing processes. Hundreds of international brands and thousands of designers have produced millions of shoes, bags and accessories that have set fashion trends for decades.

This scenario has fostered the growth of an industry specialized in materials and accessories. And that is where at VERGARA CREATIONS we began our own history in 1998, 25 years ago. In which we have been having and maintaining clients, including major international fashion brands.

In its evolution process, today at VERGARA CREATIONS we continue to evolve and expand our applications to new products, offering accessories with infinite design possibilities for creatives, designers and fashion brands. Our improved facilities, together with our catalogues, now also digital, facilitate fluid work with the creatives, designers and departments that work with us.

Today, at VERGARA CREATIONS, we advance in this second quarter of a century with the illusion of being able to continue creating beauty together with new generations of brands and designers who always seek to dazzle with their new creations.

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